Our solutions focus on each customer’s digital journey, ensuring your website maximises performance at every customer touchpoint.

Building digital capabilities is an added process for all our clients. Our guided sessions are as pivotal as the project we conduct as we advise you in improving your organisation’s digital capabilities. From the first banner customers engage to the personalised email they receive, we focus on solutions that fuel commerce growth.

The Complete Project Cycle with Sweetmag


Brand Deep Dive

We delve in-depth into your brand, the industry and your business. We will work closely with you and various departments to understand your market, customer journey and business objective.
  • Qualitative research

  • Competitor landscape analysis

  • Market trends

  • Analysis of current website analytics



We help identify areas that require enhancements in digital innovation. We single out areas that offer significant opportunities for impact on your customer journey.
  • Wireframing

  • Strategic Collaboration

  • Experiments


Design & Develop

We develop our solutions based on our findings from prototypes and experiments. We test it to acquire early insights into a customer’s journey and make modifications accordingly.

Our goal is for you to have a smooth site that allows the customer to have a seamless journey.

  • UI/UX

  • Coding

  • Customisation

  • Plugin implementation

  • UAT


Online Presence

Once you are ready for the big stage, we will continue helping you build an early audience. Develop creative launch campaigns with engaging content, and identify proper audience segmentation for effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Digital marketing

  • Content creation

  • Campaign launch strategies

Collaborative Session

We aim to understand your brand as comprehensively as possible. In our collaborative session, we consult digital strategies and developments to help you understand and maximise the digital potential of your brand.